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Sunday, January 6, 2019

They Are Different

Compare to / Compare with

Compare to means showing the similarities; compare with means noting the differences.
e.g. Shakespeare compared the world to a stage.
e.g. Compared to your previous work, this is much better.

Indict / Indite

Indict means to accuse formally; indite means to write down or compose.
e.g. The attorney general decided to indite the police officer for shooting at an unarmed man.
e.g. The police would like the man to indite the occurrence of the events with all relevant details.

A few / few

A few has a more positive meaning; few has a more negative meaning
e.g. A few people might ask for your help.
e.g. We were disappointed that only few people showed up.

Perspective / Prospective

Perspective is an opinion or point of view; prospective means related to the future.
e.g. From the perspective of a woman, how do you look at this case of domestic violence?
e.g. Any person who walks into this shop is a prospective customer.

Ingenious / Ingenuous

Ingenious means clever and intelligent like a genius; ingenuous means honest and sincere.
e.g. This was an ingenious way of stealing antique paintings from the museum.
e.g. I am sure his feelings for her were ingenuous.

Marital / Martial

Marital means relating to marriage; martial means relating to the army or warlike.
e.g. I ought not get involved with their marital conflicts.
e.g. A military court is a court court-marshal.

Forbear / Forebear

Forbear means to tolerate, refrain from; forebear means an ancestor
e.g. You have to forbear from asking too many questions.
e.g.  He always takes pride in that Charles Dickens was his forbear.

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