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Friday, March 20, 2015

Words Frequently Misused (8)


Arise: appear; begin.
e.g. When he was just about to call 911, a few men in uniform arose.

Rise: appear above the horizon; get out of bed.
e.g. The sun rises in the east.
e.g. He rises very early every morning.


Rusty: corrode (covered with rust); weaken.
e.g. The iron gate has become rusty.
e.g. My grandfather's memory has become rusty.
e.g. Please pardon my rusty French.

Rustic: like the countryside.
e.g. We all enjoyed the rustic views from hilltop.


Medicated: containing medicine.
e.g. Please apply this medicated gauze onto your wound.

Medicinal: having the power to cure.
e.g. He took some medicinal herbs for his cold.


Preventable: can be avoided.
e.g. The accident was preventable if you were more cautious.

Preventive: protective.
e.g. These are preventive measures from head injury.


Bulk: in large quantities; the greater part of..
e.g. His business was selling wheat in bulk.
e.g. The billionaire gave the bulk of his estate to charity.

Hulk: a big, clumsy person.
e.g. If you do nothing to your obesity, you will soon become a hulk.

Stephen Lau