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Monday, June 25, 2018

Some Common Colloquial Expressions

It blows my mind: it's amazing, almost unbelievable.

e.g. "Did you hear that he passed the exam with flying colors?" "It blows my mind."

Can't beat that: no one can do better than that.

e.g. Of all people, I finished the project in less than a week. Can't beat that!

As luck would have it: being very fortunate.

e.g. I dropped my wallet at the supermarket. As luck would have it, the manage picked it up and announced it over the PA system. 

Can't get enough of: like it very much.

e.g. I just can't get enough of this warm sunshine.

Call for an apology: demand an apology.

e.g. Your reckless behavior calls for an apology.

Fly off the handle: become angry and emotionally upset.

e.g. As soon as he heard the bad news, he flew off the handle.

Beats me: I don't know; I've no idea.

e.g. "Do you know how this works?" "Beats me."

Get right on it: do it immediately.

e.g. "Can you help me with this software?" "I'll get right on it."

Give it a rest: stop talking.

e.g. "I've heard enough. Give it a rest!"

I can live with that: I'm okay with that; I'll get used to it.

e.g. "That one may cost more." "I can live with that."

It could have been worse: accept an apology.

e.g. "I'm sorry I broke your glass." "It could have been worse."

Keep one's shirt on: calm down; don't get too excited.

e.g. "Cool off! Keep your shirt on. This is not the end of the world."

I am like you: we share the same opinion.

e.g. "I don't like cheese in my food." "I am like you: cheese makes me feel sick."

I spoke too soon: spoke without getting all the facts.

e.g. "You were wrong about that." "I'm sorry. Maybe I spoke too soon."

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