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Saturday, February 9, 2019

More American Idioms for You

Come to light: become known.
e.g. It came to light that he was the real benefactor. 

Buy a pig in a poke: buy something without seeing it.

e.g. Buying on line is sometimes like buying a pig in a poke.

On one's mind: currently thinking.

e.g. What's on your mind? You seem deep in thoughts.

By leaps and bounds: rapidly.

e.g. Our profits increased by leaps and bounds; thanks to your contribution.

Eat like a horse: eat a great deal.

e.g. At the party, he didn't do much, except eating like a horse!

Come what may: no matter what might happen.

e.g. I'll be back by nine, come what may.

Break the ice: start a social conversation.

e.g. After some moments, the shy girl finally broke the ice and participated in the conversation.

By the seat of one's pants: by luck, with little skill.

e.g. I finally finished my high school by the seat of my pants.

Get down to brass tacks: get down to practical matters.

e.g. The Congress should get down to brass tacks, and start discussing the debt crisis.

Grind to a halt: slow down to a stop.

e.g. The tour bus ground to a halt, and the tourists got out and stretched their legs.

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