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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Know the Difference

Precede and Proceed

Precede: go before
e.g. The speech is going to precede the performance.

Proceed: keep on going
e.g. Proceed with the plan until you receive instruction to stop.

Amused and Bemused

Amused: entertain
e.g. We were amused by your wonderful performance.

Bemused; bewildered or confused
e.g. The reporters were totally bemused by that contradictory information from the White House.

Allude and Elude

Allude: refer to
e.g. The witness was trying to allude to what another witness had said.

Elude: escape
e.g. The defendant was trying to elude the question from the prosecutor.

Farther and Further

Farther: at a greater physical distance
e.g. This place is farther away from your parents’ home.

Further: at a greater figurative distance
e.g. His explanation is further from the truth.

Ascent and Assent

Ascent: rise to
e.g. The dictator’s ascent to power was sudden and swift.

Assent: agreement
e.g. There was little assent between the Democrats and the Republicans on this issue.

Formally and Formerly

Formally: officially
e.g. The manager formally announced your promotion.

Formerly: previously
e.g. He was formerly the President of this company.

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