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Monday, April 23, 2018

Learn American Idioms

As different as day and night: very different
e.g. My brother and I are twins, but we are as different as day and night.

More than meets the eye: there is a hidden meaning
e.g. What the Mayor mentioned in the speech implied more than meets the eye.

Down and out: very poor
e.g. He is down and out without a job and a roof over his head.

No flies on: very alert, smart
e.g. You cannot trick her; there are no flies on her.

In fine feather: in good condition; in good health
e.g. With a good night sleep, I am in fine feather today.

All of it: the best
e.g. From the way he presented him at the debate, he was all of it.

Name of the game: the main goal
e.g. The name of the game is winning; we must win this election no matter what.

As easy as pie: very easy
e.g. Cooking a turkey is as easy as pie.

Face the music: confront danger; accept a bad situation
e.g. There are many circumstances in life in which you have to face the music.

Feel like: have a desire for something
e.g. I feel like eating a hamburger.

All in a day’s work: part of daily work
e.g. I don’t like to cook, but it’s all in a day’s work.

All systems are go: everything is good and ready as planned
e.g. Everything is in order, and all systems are go. We can now launch the rocket.

Dance to another tune: change to a different attitude or behavior
e.g. If your parents were here, you would dance to another tune.

A little bird told me: somehow I knew
e.g. “How did you know what I did?” “Well, a little bird told me.”

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