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Monday, May 3, 2021

Know Their Meaning and Usage

Approve / Approve of

Approve means to give consent or agreement; approve of  means to think well of someone or something.
e.g. The proposal was approved by the board.
e.g. I don't think I approve of the future of the economy.

Imply / Infer

Imply means to suggest; infer means to draw a conclusion from.
e.g. Your comments imply that you don't want to come to the party.
e.g. I can infer from your comments that you didn't like her.

High / Tall

High refers to distance above the ground or floor; tall refers to distance from base to top.
e.g. a high roof, a high window; a tall person, a tall tree.
Tall can also mean "incredible" or "difficult to believe or to do."
e.g. My boss gave me a tall order; I don't think I can do it.
e.g. He was telling such a tall story, and he expected us to believe it.

Artist / Artiste

An artist is someone who does art work, such as painting and sculpture; an artiste is a performer.
e.g. My brother is an artist--he paints; my sister is an artiste--she performs on stage.

Rise / Raise

Rise is intransitive (not requiring an object); raise is transitive (requiring an object).
e.g. He performed well and rose to the occasion.
e.g. The manager raised my salary.

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